Yes immediately next to Xpression is a safe car park. We have been here since 2014 and have never experienced a break in or car theft in this car park. We work closely with the car guards to ensure this.
Yes. This is however, South Africa. If you leave a bag unattended whilst you swim, it might be viewed by an opportunist as a free gift. We offer complimentary lockers to all Xpression customers. Please leave your most treasured possessions in store.
Yes, seven days a week from 7.30am to 4pm.
Yes, we accept card, zapper and of course, cash payments.
If you’re booking for weekend we would recommend booking at least 48 hours before to secure the time you prefer. We do coach all day but we find there’s a peak time every one wants to book for.
You’re welcome to book further in advance. All booked lessons are confirmed the day before when we see an accurate weather forecast.
No, we don’t coach in deep water. A surf coach will be standing in the water next to you. You will be in standing depth water. When you ride a wave and fall off you will be able to stand. We coach in small fun beginner waves. You just need to feel confident and relaxed in water so you can enjoy the experience.
Swimwear and a towel. Sunscreen if it’s summer. That’s it. If you forget any of this – don’t worry, we sell it.
If you’re wearing a wetsuit you’re welcome to wear your underwear underneath, you don’t have to wear swimwear. For the guys, a tip – boardshorts under a wetsuit feel seriously uncomfortable.
We provide a rash vest (long sleeve top for sun protection and to stop the surfboard chafing skin), a wetsuit (not necessary in summer), a surfboard and a professional surf coach. We have lockers, change rooms and showers for you to use.
We don’t. We have a range that we use in our surf school. Unfortunately when they break they can’t be repaired and we don’t want our customers to be liable for the replacement cost.
We only rent hard surfboards but we do have long stable beginner to intermediate boards in this rental collection.
They’re complimentary. We want you to feel relaxed. We provide lockers so you can feel the freedom.
No. We are here to bust that popular myth. It’s nothing to do with balance. If you can breathe, you can SUP. It’s that simple. Our coaches are highly experienced and we have wide stable boards that do the balancing for you.
Everyone starts kneeling or sitting to get a feel for the board and the movement. Only when you are ready do we help you to stand up. No pressure, no expectation, no judgment. We offer a fun learning experience.
Yes definitely. We teach non-swimmers regularly. We have life jackets for anyone who isn’t confident or can’t swim. We SUP in two locations: the canal and the ocean. The canal is 1m deep so anyone who falls in (unlikely) can stand. In the ocean it’s deeper but you will be attached to your board with a leash around your ankle (just like surfers do). This means, if you fall in the water, the maximum the board can drift away is 1m. Essentially, you have your own life raft. In a lesson, a coach will be alongside you at all times to ensure you are relaxed and having fun.
Yes. This water is salt water that gets pumped into uShaka Marine World from the ocean for its aquarium. uShaka has a highly complex filtration process to purify the water before it enters their aquarium. From the aquarium, the water flows into the canal. uShaka manage the marine life and water quality of the canal on a daily basis and they do an excellent job. We feel privileged to have a permit to SUP in this beautiful waterway.
We don’t. There are no mountains on the promenade. It’s very flat. We rent comfortable cruiser bicycles because most people we meet want a wide comfortable saddle (you won’t need cycle shorts with padding) and high handle bars so they can sit comfortably and ride enjoying the ocean vista.
Yes we have three of these bicycles which depending on the size of the child will suit children up to 3 years old.
Unfortunately we don’t. Our bicycles aren’t race pace bicycles. They are for use exclusively on the promenade and we rent by the hour. Usually three hours is the maximum rental.
Yes. We have been here since 2014 and we have never had a customer of Xpression be harassed or harmed or experience any kind of theft whilst cycling/karting/skating on the beachfront. There is a permanent police presence as well as a large security team that patrols the promenade.
We do have bicycle locks so if you stop for a refreshment whilst riding, you can lock the bicycle up.
We do not permit our bicycles on the roads and we don’t allow tourists to take a ride around the streets of the Durban CBD. That would not be safe. But the promenade itself, we consider very safe.