RED PADDLE CO 10’6 Ride Special Edition


Red Paddle Co is a leading and award winning UK brand specializing in inflatable SUP technology. In 2016 they patented their MSL Fusion technology which adds stiffness and saves weight. Read more here.
The Ride comes with the industry leading dual chamber Titan pump, allowing you to inflate your board much quicker than many other iSUP pumps on the market. This is our pump of choice! The carry bag is unrivaled in the iSUP market for its high quality material and structure. It can be used with its wheel or ruck sack carry straps.
The 10’6 Ride is a stable iSUP designed to glide easily on flat water. It has the right amount of curve in its hull shape to enjoy feeling stable riding a wave without needing to be a pro surfer.
The Ride was designed in purple as a Special Edition color to mark Red Paddle’s 10 year anniversary. Currently unavailable in SA in the blue color option.
Board size: 10’6 *L) x 32 (W) x 4.7” (D)
  • Board weight: 9.95kg.
  • Board volume: 150L.
  • Rider weight: up to 100kg.
  • Maximum air pressure: 20psi.
  • 12 Month Warranty.
Red Paddle Co Alloy Three Piece Adjustable Paddle
Titan double action hand pump
Carry bag
Waterproof phone case
Puncture repair patches